Troubleshooting / Basic

What Signaled a Problem?

1. 3 long beeps = HDD error

2. 1 long beep = video loss

3. 3 short beeps = over speed or G-Force (normal operation)

Determine if the problem is with the DVR or something on the bus: 

1. Take the unit demonstrating a problem, and exchange it with a DVR from another bus.

2. Monitor both DVRs.

     a. If the problem DVR has the same issues in the new bus, note what is happening and call the office for an RMA.

     b. If the good DVR has the same issues in the problem bus, then there is something wrong in the wiring on the bus or in the security box. Recheck all the wiring on the bus. If this does not fix the problem, note what is happening and call the office for a consultation. Initial check for all failures or faults:


1. If possible, plug a monitor into the unit using AV plugs. It should show you what the problem is at startup if it is a lasting problem and not an intermittent one. It will show you permanent video loss, a hard drive failure or no HDD detected.

2. Ensure security box is mounted securely:

     a. Make sure security box is mounted where there is not excessive vibration that would cause the connection to loosen.

     b. If mounted on bulkhead, make sure it is closer to the side and not in the center.


3. Check power connections:

     a. Ensure power connections are not crimped and leads are not broken or cut which would cause power fluctuations.

     b. Check power leads at various points, starting at back of unit and working towards power box connections.

     c. Make sure fuse holder holds fuse tightly.


4. Ensure the DVR is secure in the security box (loose connections may cause transient faults):

     a. Check that side rubber security bumpers (4) are snug against the DVR.

     b. Check the flat rubber security bumpers (4) on lid of security box.


5. If the DVR shows no HDD, ensure that the hard drive connection is secure (may cause power fluctuations and lost data):

     a. Open the removable lid on top of the DVR unit to find what Hard Drive you have.

          • Cable with 1 connector at HDD = SATA HDD

               -- Unplug and replug the HDD

          • Ribbon cable with 2 connectors, one on DVR and one on HDD = PATA HDD

               -- Disconnect and reconnect both connections from the HDD and DVR


Specific Alarms

Recording Intermittently


Video Alarm: (one long beep on start up)


1. Check that all camera cable connections are tight and secure, including connections in security box.

2. Hook up monitor to unit to view the cameras and go into programming mode.

3. Are all cameras displayed?

          Yes -- may be transient, but check the following to see if there may be a continuing problem:

               a. Make sure cameras are programmed properly.

               b. Ensure connection into back of box is secure.

               c. Ensure connection at the camera is secure.

          No -- check the following:

               a. Make sure cameras are programmed properly.

               b. Change the camera if available.

               c. Follow all camera wiring to check for breaks, crimps or cuts.


Recording Alarm: HDD failure or not detected (3 beeps)

 1. Reinstall the hard drive properly.