Surveillance Systems

Safety and security top the list when it comes to transportation.


Camera systems provide a variety of security benefits as an irrefutable and unbiased witness to events. They offer protection from false or fraudulant claims, deter vandalism and misbehavior, provide evidence to exonerate drivers, limit liability, and record trespassers.

All of our devices record continuously to ensure that all events are recorded. However, each can be equipped with triggers, such as G-Force, panic button or stop arm extension, to mark the recording for ease of locating. Up to four cameras can be installed with audio on analog systems and up to 8 cameras on digital systems. Optional GPS allows vehicle locating and speed monitoring. Camera box locks ensure security. The network video recorder can be equipped with a Wi-Fi for convenient downloads or 3G for live viewing.

Falcon 360 | Mobile Network Video Recorder

Encompassing the latest in recording technology, the Falcon 360 records high quality surveillance video with up to two terabytes hard drive storage and up to eight channels. Each camera has a fisheye lens with 1080p resolution which equates to similar coverage of five standard cameras combined. This system offers superior functionality and detail with the ability to zoom in during video playback instead of just on a still image. It is ideal for seeing between high-backed seats on school buses. 

The Falcon 360 camera system supports real-time, remote viewing and download through a 3G module add-on which can also provide a Wifi Hotspot in and around the vehicle that can be accessed by passengers. 
High-quality digital video with 360 degree coverage.
See between high-back seats with unique zoom and play capability.The quickest downloads, best coverage and highest quality video available. 


  • School buses
  • Public transit buses
  • Special needs buses
  • First responder vehicles
  • Coach buses
  • Large and small fleets

The WiFi module add-on allows for remote view and downloads within the connected Wi-Fi network (requires proper infrastructure).​

Other built-in features include H.264 video compression, embedded GPS data, Geo-fencing, G-force, watermarked video, and automatic shutdown. Optional features include a panic button, audio mics and external cameras.