Frequently Asked Questions / Digital Video Recorders (DVRs) 

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How long does it record?

80 - 100 hours

How many cameras can it record?

Four cameras

What upgrades are available?

Passive GPS, Dual Recording and Sensor Markup

What prompts it to record?

It is continuous recording. It begins every time, approximately 10 seconds after the bus is turned on.

Can it record after the vehicle is turned off?

Yes - it can be set for 5, 10, 20, 30 or 60 minutes after the bus has been turned off.

Can you record early in the morning or after dark?

Yes - the cameras have LED and will record in black and white. The camera looking out the front does not have LED. If there is an accident, you want the camera view the same as your eyes.

Is there audio?

Yes - One channel. It can be turned off and on depending on your laws.

How do you find an event?

1. The driver has a panic button that will mark an event.

2. When pushed this will be listed as an emergency event listing.

3. G Sensor

4. Speed Sensor

Who does the installation?

Your mechanics will be trained by our installer on site.

How do you view an event?

1. Using a computer connected to a USB cord.

2. You can view on TV.

How do you record an event to show administrators?

1. Use a server to give access.

2. Burn onto a CD.

3. Record onto a DVD.

4. View securely online with Cloud subscription.