Our Company Vision

Safety Begins With the Start of the Engine

Our field of vision. Your peace of mind.

Whether you're in the business of student, passengers, vehicle safety begins long before they're on board. 
At Zen-tinel, we provide all-around vehicle security from start to stop and the trip in between.

Our systems can provide, protect against vandalism and report equipment failure while unattended. Automatic pre and post trip inspection reminders keep drivers vigilant while alerts and notifications can improve overall driver behavior. Cameras help prevent bullying, trespassing and false liability claims. For every fleet safety issue, we have a solution.

Zen-tinel began selling cameras and recorders for vehicles in 2003. Since then, we have expanded our operation to include other fleet management tools such as stop-arm violation cameras and announcement systems in an effort to increase the general safety of vehicles on the road today.

We are especially interested in improving student transportation safety as a whole by providing products that increase driver skills and emergency response times while decreasing distractions and illegal passing. Our goal is to eliminate all student fatalities related to school transportation.

When you choose to manage your fleet with Zen-tinel, you're using the best systems available in vehicle safety, security and service.

“We strongly believe in the safety of the children. Most school officials think of safety beginning when the students enter the school building, but we at Zen-tinel believe it begins even before they get on the bus. We consider ourselves more than just a camera company. We advocate safety, and our products make it happen." 

-Larry Vaughn, President & Founder